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Have you ever wondered how it’s like to be a shisha expert? The wait is over! Time for action! Become Shisha expert with Para Art in no time which will make you most wanted guest for any party or gathering.

Para Art is all about passion for shisha!
We are doing it with love and the satisfaction our clients gets after ordering from us brings great pleasure to us! The main reason, we would like to share our knowledge and announce our brand new:

Our talented team will be more than happy to share their shisha mastery with you with secret tips and tricks for the perfect shisha. If you are over 18 years old, it’s your chance to improve your skills and knowledge in a fun way and become a shisha expert.
We could not be more excited to welcome you to the PARA ART Shisha School Family!

In this course, you will learn

The Culture and History of hookah. (Who invented hookah? Where did hookah originate from? When was hookah first created ? And how did hookah become a phenomenon all around the world?)

Detailed information about all shisha parts and components.

The most popular shisha tobacco flavors (how to mix and create mixes, rules + tips and tricks, the difference between tobaccos)

The most common mistakes that are made when preparing shisha and how to avoid these if you want to be a pro.